The following 4 organizations are the first Communities on the Native platform:

Earth Guardians is a Boulder, Colorado based non-profit that engages young people in programs to empower and amplify their voice, specifically around environmental justice. The Earth Guardians organization has contributed to several successful campaigns and is now at the forefront of the constitutional climate lawsuit, which claims that the federal government is violating the younger generation’s constitutional rights to life, liberty and property. The Youth Director of Earth Guardians, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, was invited on the Bill Maher show to speak about the lawsuit and corresponding youth movement.

DOLO is a decentralized open learning organization working to iterate towards a future of smart education that is more open, agile, and rewarding for all stakeholders. The community is open to all who are passionate about building a better education system by implementing new learning models, gamification in education, and immutable certification through blockchain technologies.

Rick and Morty Fan Club

The Rick and Morty Fan Club is an organization built for and by the fans of Rick and Morty. This community is the first example of how Native can be used to create a new layer of value for communities focused around entertainment.