Founder Vision

Check out a short video of Jake describing the Native platform and its inspiration.

"A big part of the inspiration for Native came from my yoga practice, and really understanding how attention, value and energy are actually the same thing.

As human beings we have, we'll say a sum of 100% of our total attention, or value, or energy to allocate to the things that we're interested in, to the things that we want to see succeed in the world. Today there seems to be a kind of blockage in the fullest authentic expression of that energy because a lot of people are trying to fit themselves into roles that might not be the best or most authentic expression of where they want that energy to go. A lot of the reason for doing that is because we need to earn a living, we need to pay for our rent, we need to pay for our cars, we need to pay for our families.

So at Native we're trying to figure out how we can enable people to do things that are more correlated to the things that they actually want to be doing.”

Watch the video to learn how Native is addressing this challenge.