Native: The Ethereum blockchain project to build prosperous communities

Native provides the infrastructure for creating and operating communities through unique Community Tokens and a set of governance tools. Native provides easy to use community templates that ensure that even those with limited economic and technical knowledge can participate in the emerging cryptocurrency-based financial ecosystem.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Native enables communities to generate their own tokens. These tokens have several functions - including membership, transacting, and they enable voting rights.

Each Community Token on Native is integrated with a decentralized liquidity network. This ensures instant convertibility between any two Community Token in the network at fair market value, as well as convertibility to digital tokens external to the Native ecosystem.

The combination of these tools empowers communities to realize their inherent value in a global economy, and unlock the power of the collective to generate widespread impact and prosperity.Whether this takes the form of youth-led environmental activism, for-profit businesses or community health initiatives, communities of all types can unlock their value with Native.

Native's alpha is currently live on Ethereum's mainnet. You can try out the application through this link.