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An evolution in the making, Native is a platform that enables communities to generate their own unique tokens and effectively manage their resources through collective decision making tools.

On October 1, 2018, Native goes live with the launch of its token, platform, and its pilot communities. These include: Earth Guardians, DOLO Education Community and the Rick and Morty Fan Club.

Native is founded by Jake Vartanian, who previously founded Cryptodex - the first token launch consulting firm. Jake entered the cryptocurrency sector in 2011 at age 17. Since then he has advised a number of high-profile organizations.

“My experience with Bancor, and other blockchain based projects, opened my eyes to the impact blockchain can have on how individuals and organizations aggregate and transact value”, Jake says. “Having traveled the world and connected with remarkable communities of all kinds, I am focused on how this tech can build communities and fuel human potential.”

Native is designed to enable communities to function as independent economies where members can store and exchange value locally, and collectively decide how to allocate resources to support the community vision. Native is built leveraging the Bancor protocol, which means that each community currency will enjoy instant liquidity and convertibility. Whether these communities are organized around environmental activism, blockchain startups or fan clubs for television shows and sporting events, groups of all kinds can unlock their inherent value with Native.

The next round of communities will launch on Native in Q1 2019. After the second round, the Native on boarding process for new communities will include recommendations for token structure and governance policies so that even those with limited economic and technical knowledge can participate in tokenized financial ecosystems.

Jake has built a distributed team of dedicated and passionate professionals, including Storyworks and Ideas by Nature and. Native is supported by a number of advisors including Matt McKibbin (Founder, Decentranet), Dean Eigenmann (Co-founder zklabs and Dimitri De Jonghe (Co-founder, Ocean Protocol).

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