Jeffrey Vier - Chief Operations Officer

Jeffrey’s professional experience began in national broadcast marketing and quickly moved towards product design and development in the digital startup space. He has been with Ideas By Nature and partners since 2011, year 1. Jeffrey’s current roles include technology and product consulting, production operations and community outreach. Amidst work in a myriad of industries, he has been passionately involved in blockchain technology product development since 2013. He has helped create some of the most widely used products and brands in the industry.

Harrison Neff - Product Manager

Harrison’s career began in the financial technology consulting space at Factset Research Systems in 2012. With a desire to focus and participate in market, he transitioned into a commodities trading role at Eldorado Trading Group in 2014. Bringing his analytical experience from finance, Harrison joined the Enterprise Data Integration team at Twitter as a Partner Engineer in 2015. After gaining a tremendous amount of experience working with every functional team within the organization, Harrison chose to pursue a role in Product Management at Ideas By Nature. At Ideas By Nature, Harrison’s role as product manager entails a variety of proficiencies. This includes, but is not limited to, product design and consulting, brand and product strategy, as well as managing design / development teams through all production phases. He is passionate about blockchain technology and strives to make products that are usable, regardless of a users background with blockchains and cryptocurrency.

Ven Gist - Product + Design

Ven Gist started as a graphic designer for global brands such as Adobe, Nike, and Uniqlo. As the human experience became increasingly digitized, Ven learned code and migrated to Product Design to facilitate the best possible user experience across all interactions.

Following an introduction to cryptocurrency in 2014, he now creates within a broad spectrum of design and technology focused on accelerating the adoption and utility of blockchain and decentralized systems with He joined Native upon seeing the promise of blockchain utility for social impact coupled with its accessibility to non-technical users interested in getting involved in cryptocurrencies.

Dekan Brown - Dapp Development / R&D

Dekan Brown is a Colorado native, adventurer and technophile. A full stack developer and co founder of, a crypto centric development shop focusing on the future of work with developer coops and business automation using smart contracts. Other ventures include, a Land sharing platform.

Dekan has been working as a developer for over 15 years with five years in the crypto space, developing products, dapp front ends and solidity smart contracts. He was drawn to Native to experiment with decentralized monetary systems which support smaller communities.

Sam Kuhlmann - Full Stack Development

Sam Kuhlmann has taken a circuitous route to co-founding An art degree in film, a stint in cartoon production and years in software management roles for global brands including Audi of America and The North Face have (naturally) lead the way to full stack web and blockchain development.

Excitement about blockchain's potential to advance social good and serve the underserved attracted him to work with Native.

Michael Shaun Conaway - Business Strategy and Development

Michael Shaun is a strategic leader in building social impact organizations. His mission is to liberate greatness in people and organizations and to redesign our failing systems and create a antifragile, anti-rival world, e.g one that works for all. He is currently finishing a feature documentary, We RiseUP which chronicles the the emerging movement to reinvent personal and organizational success, and the redesign of equitable, sustainable global systems.

For 20 years Michael Shaun has been at the vanguard of innovation in branding, marketing and media with work for companies including, NBC, The Olympics, Microsoft, Kodak and Hewlett Packard. His creative agency, Storyworks, is currently focusing its efforts in the blockchain space with consulting on emerging social impact projects including Native.

Alex Melnyk - Marketing & Brand

Alex discovered that she has a gift for connecting people when she became the co-manager of international pop band, The Thompson Twins, at the age of 19. After several years leading the band’s marketing, communications, and tour production Alex found her way to the legendary film production company, Propaganda Films, where she became an Executive Producer working with the biggest directors of her generation. In the early nineties she became fascinated with the future of entertainment and made the jump to digital as the VP of Interactive at MCA/Universal.

Over the years of leading different organizations, Alex has learned to focus on helping to create a net positive for the world by connecting people to their purpose and passion.

Tyler Wallace - Community Manager

Tyler’s interest in community management is the result of a lifelong fascination with the normative questions that emerge when human beings encounter one another. He has spent the majority of his career in International Development, either in the field working as a documentarian or state-side managing evaluations of USAID’s programs. Tyler is an avid believer in the sanctity of consciousness and is inspired by Native’s mission to empower communities to design ecosystems that incentivize anti-rivalrous, omni-win human relationships.

Mike Slavin - Social Media Manager

Mike built a Facebook page to 3 million likes from his college dorm room in 2009. Since then he’s been fascinated by the power of social technology to build audiences and cultivate relationships at scale. He was attracted to Native for it’s promise of harnessing blockchain to transform audiences into thriving communities where users can engage in meaningful win-win interactions.